Two Travelers is a wine bar, built to educate and inspire through the wine that we serve and the stories that we tell through each bottle. We believe wine to be a gift to mankind that’s intended to make the heart glad and inspire the growth of relationships. It is our privilege to live and work in Temecula and it is our hope that we can contribute tangibly to this community, leaving it better than when we found it. We believe it’s our duty to scour the world to find the very best wines being made and showcasing them alongside the very best wines of our own community.

We have carefully picked each and every one of the wines on our list, with an emphasis placed on producers who are true stewards of their land and are committed to preserving the vineyards that they farm for the next generation of winemakers. We search out winemakers and farmers who share in the vision of offering world class wine with little to no intervention that have the ability to connect you with a certain place, time, or experience. To us, wine is a story and the memories that it can create have the power to change our perspective on how we see the world.

Two Travellers Building


Two Travelers Wine Bar + Merchant was named after Aesop’s Fable- “The Bear and the Two Travelers.” In the fable, two men begin to travel through a forest together, mutually promising to stand by each other, in any danger they should meet upon the way. They had not gone far, before a Bear came rushing towards them out of a thicket; upon which, one being a light nimble fellow, got up into a tree; the other falling flat upon his face, and holding his breath, lay still, while the Bear came up and smelled at him; but that creature, supposing him to be a dead carcase, went back again into the wood, without doing him the least harm. When all was over, the spark who had climbed the tree came down to his companion, and with a pleasant smile asked him what the Bear said to him; for, says he, I took notice that he clapt his mouth very close to your ear. Why, replies the other, he charged me to take care for the future, not to put any confidence in such cowardly rascals as you are.


Though nothing is more common than to hear people profess services of friendship, where there is no occasion for them; yet scarce anything is so hard to be found as a true friend, who will assist us in the time of danger and difficulty. All the declarations of kindness which are made to an experienced man, though accompanied by a squeeze of the hand, and a solemn asseveration, should leave no greater impression upon his mind, than the whistling of the hollow breeze which brushes one’s ear with an unmeaning salute, and is presently gone. He that succours our necessity by a well-timed assistance, though it were not ushered in by previous compliments, will ever after be looked upon as our friend and protector; and, in so much a greater degree, as the favour was unasked and unpromised; as it was not extorted by importunities on the one side, nor led in by a numerous attendance of promises on the other. Words are nothing, till they are fulfilled by actions; and therefore we should not suffer ourselves to be deluded by a vain hope, and reliance upon them.


(1) Never travel with a friend who deserts you at the approach of danger (2) Misfortune will test the sincerity of your friendship.


We invite you to embark on your journey with us, to experience something new and exciting that you may not have experienced before. Our desire is that you share those experiences with your closest family and friends within the four walls of Two Travelers Wine Bar + Merchant and that your relationships grow stronger and your memories made here are grand.

We believe that wine has the power to transport you to a different place and a different time; to evoke memories and emotions of our very best times together. Each bottle tells its own story, and it’s our mission to share those stories with our guests, to educate and inspire you through the wine that we serve and the stories that we tell through each bottle. Our hope is that we can be a place of respite for you- a place where we can truly reconnect with what is important in this life, our relationships with each other. Welcome to Two Travelers.


Our team

Alicia Trevithick


Design, Owner

Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Alicia’s hospitality experience spans over two decades. She is the primary designer for Goat & Vine Hospitality as well as heading real estate development and acquisition for the company.

She has been a licensed contractor in both the state of California and Alaska and prior to being a restaurateur, she was the owner of McGee Homes, where her custom builds were featured nationally on HGTV. Two Travelers Wine Bar + Merchant is Alicia’s fourth concept in Temecula.

Alicia holds her BS from The University of Alaska, Anchorage.   

When not working, Alicia enjoys cooking, good books, outdoor adventures, and time spent with her family.

Brad Trevithick, Operator, Owner


Operator, Owner

Born in Long Beach, California and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Brad’s experience in hospitality and concept development spans over two decades. He has served as the owner operator for every Goat & Vine concept, including Great Harvest, where his store ranked in the top 20 bakeries across the country for six consecutive years, an accomplishment that has not been replicated in California since.

Brad has been a licensed contractor in both the state of California and Alaska, where he owned and operated McGee Homes, a custom residential building company that has been featured nationally on HGTV.

Brad holds his BA from the University of Alaska, Anchorage and awards from The Court of Master Sommeliers and The Regulatory Council of Jerez.  

In his free time, Brad enjoys surfing, fishing, camping, hiking, and spending quality time with family and friends.

NATHAN RIVERA Operator, Owner


Operator, Owner

Originally from Riverside, California, Nate began his hospitality career over 25 years ago. He has directed operations in Santa Barbara, Monterey, San Diego, and in Temecula as the Owner Operator for Goat & Vine Hospitality. Nate holds awards from The Court of Master Sommeliers, The Wine & Spirit Education Trust, The Regulatory Council of Jerez, The Cicerone Certification Program, and The Sake Education Council. He is currently an Advanced Sommelier Candidate with CMS.

In another life, he clerked for the District Attorney’s Office and worked for the Legal and Compliance Department at a major university system.   

Nate has a BA from UCSB and his Juris Doctor from California Western School of Law in San Diego.

In his free time, Nate loves to travel, fly fish, read, eat, drink wine, and spend quality time with family and friends (not necessarily in that order). 

MAX CUFRE, Chef de Cuisine


Chef de Cuisine

Born in Los Angeles, raised in Riverside California, and now residing in the city of San Diego, Chef Max has taken his diverse experiences in the culinary world to Goat & Vine Hospitality’s newest project, Two Travelers Wine Bar + Merchant.

Max Cufre has lived many different lives which all attribute to his passion for food and pioneering the newest concept to our growing community. For many years he worked in the solar industry, quickly rising the ranks to management level, and though very successful in that industry he realized that he missed the heart and soul that the hospitality industry provided. He then left his job as a regional manager of a prominent solar company to come to the Goat & Vine after seeing a bread baker opportunity. From that day forward Max was immersed in the culture that he loved, embarking on a journey of leading teams, opening restaurants, and building relationships with some of the industry’s most esteemed individuals that have provided him an arsenal of training and experience he hopes to bring to Temecula.



Sous Chef

Finding himself in his late teens/early 20s plateauing in the monotony of community college courses and retail jobs, Chef Tristan was desperately seeking a different path-one that didn’t include studying subjects he had no interest for or selling products he wasn’t passionate about. He eventually took his first baby steps into the world of food as a barista at a Cuban cafe, then soon afterwards immersing himself in the artisanal food at the legendary Goat & Vine.

After Building his culinary skills at Goat & Vine, Tristan was recruited by the Michelin recognized restaurant- Dija Mara in Oceanside, CA where he studied Indonesian cuisine. He now finds himself eager to further his career as a Sous chef at Two Travelers Wine Bar + Merchant, excited to learn as much as possible from his peers, customers, and the community. He is humbled to offer what he has learned so far and excited to serve different communities who are eager to share a mutual curiosity and respect to the vast intricacies of the food world.

MAX CUFRE, Chef de Cuisine

Darla Rogers

Lead Sommelier

Originally from San Diego, California, Darla has been in the wine industry for over a decade. She has worked as an educator in wine country and as a lead associate at a major US wine retailer.

In another life, Darla was a primary school educator at TVUSD and at Hillcrest Academy in Temecula, CA.

Darla has a BS from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and has earned her teaching credential from California State University, San Marcos. Darla also is a certified sommelier with The Court of Master Sommeliers and holds several other wine, spirit, and beer certifications.

When not working, Darla loves to travel, ride bikes, golf, and read books on wine and food.

Our Partners


Goat & Vine Hospitality exists to fulfill our love of food and our love of people. We believe the enjoyment of food is enhanced by people and the enjoyment of people is enhanced by food. Our focus is to build concepts that become the very fabric of the community we live in. We believe that food and beverage connect us, bring us closer as a community, and has the power to change our perspective on how we see each other and the world. Welcome to our story.
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